Friday, April 20, 2007

Well prepare

It is advisable that you keep some medicine in your house. I have a very weak body since young. Maybe because of this, my 2 little princesses always fall in sick. When sick, they take a long time for recovery. I am so worry about this. So, I have to well prepare some medicine for them when they are sick. It's a bit worry if fever started at the midnight. So Paracetamol will always in side my freeze for control fever when it's needed. Besides, I also keep Panadol for fever; Vaporub for flu and caugh; Mopiko for mosquito bites and Koolfever for children fever. All these medical items I had never forget to put a side for preparation.

Do you heard about Nurofen Plus? My auntie show me yesterday and advice me to keep some at home. Nurofen-plus can relief strong pain. It is suitable for period pain, headache, neuralgia, dental pain, muscular and sport pain and etc. Anyway, you should follow the medicine advicer that :

" Do not take Nurofen Plus if: You have a stomach ulcer or other stomach disorders, kidney or heart problems. You are allergic to aspirin, ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory medicines, codeine or other opioid analgesics. "

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