Friday, April 27, 2007

Sleepness Night

Because of my dad's case, I can not sleep well yesterday. I sleep with my two little princesses around 10pm. Hubby came back around 1am and I wake up at the time. After I find out how the incident happened and how the case to be settle, I am already sober up. I still worry my dad because my sister and auntie not with him and he was alone at home yesterday after the accident. I know he can handle very well of course. I do hope that he having a good rest.

This coming Saturday we will have a reunion dinner with my dad for his 60 years old birthday celebration. I really thank god nothing bad happened to him. Hope that we will have a enjoyable night then.


Tracy said...

Xilly, this is my very first comment, sorry I was a silent reader after coming to know u thru Msau. It was nice meeting u and ur girls during the gathering.

No worries, no worries, I'm sure ur dad will be able to take care of himself and I'm sure he'll be glad to see u all during his 60th birthday celebration. Happy Birthday to him!

Michelle Wun said...

Thank you very much Tracy. Do leave me comment whenever you come! :)