Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sleep & Dream Together

Hubby, I and my 2 little princesses are sleeping in one bedroom with 3 beds. Our queen size bed is in the middle of the bedroom. My 2 little princesses' beds are one on the left and one on the right. This is for both of me and hubby easy to take care of our little princess. One queen size, one single bed and one toddle bed, all 3 beds are stick together. The gap between our beds to the bedroom wall is just 5' away. This is our bedroom size.

I am planning to change my little younger princess's toddle bed to a single size bed. Need to measure the width of the bed first before really get on it.

Even though my 2 little princesses have their own bed, when the time comes to bed, both of them like to sleep with me on my queen size bed. Normally hubby will sleep late. Every night, I have to wait until both of them fall on sleep then only hubby or me will bring them to their own bed. My younger princess will be awake from sleep at the midnight and come to me very often. So, it will be me, hubby and younger princess sleeping on the queen size bed.

Luckily all of us have small body size. Imaging that when my 2 princesses grow up and if we are still sleep together, then we will be hug and stick together on a bed to sleep and dream..... :)

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