Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I am Late

I wake up late this morning. I can see there are posts offers for no segmentation requirement. But all posts are finish grab. The next step, I move to dashboard looking for the $1K Tuesday winner. PPP site looks like having a huge traffic and the page were keep unconnected since morning. I expected the post will be out soon. I wonder who is the one will full of luck can get in to the site and get the post!

From the top earners list, sort by month and I can see Tricia is on the top. I though she is the winner. But I am wrong. She is so lucky that she grab a $2,500 post to write on. Woo! This is the ever higher paid in PPP. $1K Tuesday winner goes to Ashlee. Congrats to both of them. The whole worlds are full of jealous to both of them! :P

7 days to go for the second $1K winner. The most importance thing PPP need to do is to fix their problems to settle the huge traffic connection and page load problems. Thanks for all the hard jobs to the PPP teams. For all the posties, all you need to do is to take a really good rest on next Monday and try your luck again to be the next winner! I wonder will Asian blogger can be the winner? Good luck to me as well!

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