Thursday, April 5, 2007

Self Improvement

Since my writing in English is no good, I am not daring to write a long post. I had found that most of my posts are simple and short. I do realize that I need some improvement on this to make myself better in writing and express my feeling as well.

I had learn so much of new words after started blogging. Yahoo! Dictionary always with me when I writing my post. Furthermore, I will always check my spelling in Microsoft Word before I publish my post and I found that my spelling and grammar are improve compare to before since I can see less error on my latest post.

From this post onwards, I plan to 'force' myself to write a minimum of 200 words per post. Of course I didn't set the goal so high. I think 200 for me is OK now. At least compare to the time when I just started blogging, I am more confident with myself on writing in English already. :P

Sometimes I have some topic to share with, but every time I start writing at the beginning, I will stop at the middle. Because of my poor writing I easily break up my mind to continue writing. Now, I am decided to chance my bad 'habit' and try to express what I really want to write on. Anywhere, I do hope that I can manage to improvement myself....


Karen said...

I think you are doing great. If you mess up it's ok. It is so interesting to read your blog. Don't give up!

Michelle Wun said...

Your words cheered me up. Thank you so much.