Friday, April 6, 2007

Best Best Friends

Who's Your Best Friend? Let me share with you my best best friends!

We are 7 in a group. Our friendships are more than 15 years. Woo, that's the one I am proud of! For us, we are actually loyal to each other. So, is not hard to keep our friendship. We know each other so well. Of course, we have our own secret as well. But the secret always will be spread out because we are really caring about each other.

Such a long time we not meet up each other. The last meeting was dinner during CNY. Woo, that's about 2 months ago. Times are doing so fast. I had been contact them for gathering last week but fail because that day was raining. We all are busy with our own life.

CL will be the 1st that we miss her so much. She is working in UK for years. We can contact her only with email or by phone. She will tell us about all her good news. Sometimes we are worry and we really want to know more about her in the far country but she just need some privacy. But we are sure she can manage very well since she is a tough woman. Hope she is fine over there.

Oh, I have to continue writing next time since I am just invited by one of my best best friend ML to having lunch together later. :P

**I am so sorry that I can not post photo for my 'gang'. Other wise, they will kill me one by one. LOL!


Jules said...

Not only one, but a whole bunch of them! That's neat. Thanks for participating.

Michelle Wun said...

Yes. Friendship forever!