Monday, April 16, 2007

New Template

To my regular visitor, I am sure that you notice that I had changed my blog template. Actually I had been trying to search around looking for a nice design. I have to go for blogger template design and can not choose from the Wordpress template design. I had selected one before and I had downloaded it to my computer. But because I am too bad in the computer and internet stuff, I don know how to get the things done. After all, I deleted the files. :P

Still, I want my place to be a new looks to refresh myself and to my reader as well. So I pick from the Blogger custom template. See, now you know how lazy I am. :P

This one is full of pink. I am sure the one who done like pink will directly leave me away, but I just love pink. My friend SYH was complaint that my new template is skinny. Oh, I am not good to changing the template design so what should I do? Furthermore, skinny looks just like real me. :D

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