Monday, April 16, 2007


It's getting more and more excited to join in Thursday Thirteen. Last week was my 2nd post on TT. My 1st post gets 13 visitor and leaves me their comments on it. The 2nd TT last week, I received totally 16 comments. Some are already in my list, some are new. Woo! I am busy in visit to them and leave comment in their blog as well.

Even though I need to put some effort to get such a great respond but I still enjoy this. I love to read what their words leaving to me. Some of them are really cheers me up! I feel so happy to meet them around the world. This is the fun part of blogging. I am sitting in front on my computer and meeting friends around the world. :

Writing on Thursday Thirteen is easy. As long as you have any idea in 13 points, just write and post it. That's all for the meme. I am thinking of whether to write some more meme. I am sure this is a way to increase my blog visitor. But the thing that I worry is, getting started is easy but to maintenance the weekly fixed blogging mode is not an easy task since I am using my working hours to blogging. :P

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