Sunday, March 11, 2007

All for your dog & cat

I am sure you will love this place for who having a dog and cat at home. You can get some special design collar charms from Bigpawdesigns. Other than that, you can select some unique pet jewelry, magnets, pet toys, dog & cat gift, earrings, key chains, magnets, picture frames, pet food and more.

Visit to the site and you may find some pet lover gift from there. My cousin will have a birthday party for her lovely dog next month. That's her dog 2 years old birthday party. Maybe I will buy her puppy a pearl necklace.

Furthermore, they are having a pet photo contest as well. I am going to approch my cousin to take some nice photo on her puppy birthday and join for the contest.


Shelly said...

Hi, I really enjoyed reading your blog, was wondering if you would like to add it to my directory?
Thanks, Shelly

Michelle Wun said...

Thanks for your invitation.

Anonymous said...

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Michelle Wun said...

Thank you for visit my blog.