Monday, March 12, 2007

Agloco Cash Machine

Do you heard about Agloco Cash Machine? I am not sure what this is. But the slogan sounds 'Get Paid Cash to Surf the Web' is attracted my attention!

With FREE joining fees, you can get paid by just using the internet as normal. Well, I am joined. Hope to see how great is the income will be! :P


Rip said...

Thanks for the post. That was all I needed.

Anonymous said...

Love your Blog. Why don't you add AuctionAds by ebay

And get paid by Agloco - The Future of Surfing

RC said...

Agloco is not that great. So far I've not seen any dividends come out of it. The only person who's makig any sort of cash, if any, is the one who's on top of referrals.