Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Artificial Legs

My cousin sister forwards this mail to me. I think I can do my part to spread this news faster by posting in to my blog.

Do you know of anyone who might need an artificial leg?

Well, he or she will have the opportunity to have one made free of charge in May 2007. This is because the Che Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting Society in Penang, with the help of the Prostheses Foundation under the patronage of HRH the Princess Mother of Thailand, is organising a charity project for those in need of artificial legs. Anyone regardless of age, sex or nationality is eligible to register for it.

The details are as follows:

Date : 11 May to 17 May 2007 (Friday to Thursday)
Venue : Che Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting Society,
360, Macalister Road, Penang
Tel. No : 04-226 7248

I am sure that there are amputees who need prostheses but do not know where or how to get them. Some might not have the financial means to do so, while others might have to wait for a while to get free prostheses from some agencies or good samaritans.

Here is your chance to help them. They can (or you can help them) register with the Che Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting Society. If necessary, I can help to register them. Just provide me with their personal particulars, okay?

This project aims to help about 300 amputees. So, try to register as early as possible.

** A time table will be prepared for the amputees on as to when to go to the venue. This is because the medical team cannot attend to all the patients at the same time. There will be no charge at all.

Thanks. By the way, this is just a community service to help those in need to walk again.

Warmest regards,
Joyce Ong

If you know of anyone who is in need of artificial legs, please forward this message!

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