Saturday, January 27, 2007

NEW Company

Here are some updates on my company status.
My boss Lim has make decision (finally) to start his own business next month.
Lim was rejected Tan offer to having a new partnership company.
New Partnership Company can not help Lim to settle the old company debts.
What Lim decided to do now, is to set up a new company and start up all over again by himself.
He has no choice. He can not let the old company be the burden to him.

Perhaps Lim's new company income can helps to settle the old company debts outstanding.
He is an honest businessman. He wishes to settle all the outstanding but he just leak of times. Hope that he will manages to settle all the debts between 3-5 years.

Such a diffcult task but he strongly feel that he has 50% shares of the company and he has responsible to recover it.

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