Friday, January 26, 2007


I am hardworking to get more sources to earn more MONEY. I just signed up Blogsvertise and awaiting for approval.

The belows are my best knowledge about Blogsvertise: -
I have to wait for the Blogsvertise Administrator to email me the 'Mission' to write about.
I have to complete the 'mission' within 1 week after I received their email.
I have to make min 3 links to the website url in my post.
The post must be at least 1 paragraph with min of 50 words.
The post must stay in my blog permanently.

After that, I need to submit my post to Blogsvertise for approval. After 30 days, the money will get paid to my Paypal Account.

Not difficult, Right?
Hope I can get approval for my blog to get start on it.
Wish me LUCK!


Miss Positive said...

Hello Xilly, how are you?
I got to know about your blog from Creamaid. Wow, you've written a lot for them! =)

Good luck in getting an approval from Blogsvertise too.

By the way, would you like to link to my blog? I would like to link to yours. Thanks.

Xilly said...

Nice to meet you!