Friday, January 5, 2007

988 On-line Radio

I am hearing 988 on-line Radio everyday in office.
Me and my colleague, only 2 person in the small area office,
2 pc with 1 unit computer speaker, so we decided to enjoy radio channel that we most prefer.

Eventhough is a small office, but our speaker volumn are adjusted maximum because my company is doing some poker & pumps + power tools + small engine repairing works and it's a very very noisy environment.

E-Drama is one of our famous, both of us will be fully concentrate on it at 12noon and 3pm everyday.
When the office phone ringing, we will scold the caller kakacaucau. (of cause is before we answering the phone calls lah :P)

Rooster's Rice Bowl (公鸡饭碗) is another famous to us. The topics everyday makes us have more discussion on it and we are really enjoy the freedom of 'talking' online in Malaysia.

Keep it Up, we are always here for U!

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