Thursday, June 7, 2012

Her Pain

How to take care of a mom's broken heart?

As a friend, all I can do is just try to make her comfort by listening, give her encouragement by some good words. 

I can clearly fee her pain. This is her second failed. First baby left her in her second month pregnancy and this second baby only let her enjoy pregnant for seven months. Due to baby problem doctor advised her to deliver. Baby can only survive for two hours then passed away......

She started her maternity leave. It is a must to take very good care of her self physically and mentally during this confinement period. 

How she can overcome this painful experience within short period and with less tear? Hope that she can always be positive thinking in her darkness days. I strongly believe sunshine will comes after the raining days. As I though her, it is not necessary to be strong always but always be positive is more importance.

May God bless her!

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