Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Story Telling

Elder daughter participated in Mandarin story telling competition held at her primary school. Every class got two representatives. There are total of 24 participants.

She did practice at home at the beginning stage but later on she felt shame to act in front of us. From the way her latest presentation, I know she is not up to the level yet. Only depends on her class teacher to train her, I don't think she can have much improvement. :P
We got no chance to see how good her presentation is as this is held in her school hall during school hours. Parents are not invited. And they do not announce the result at the same day.

Yesterday she told me that the result is out. After about a month, finally she knows she is not in the winner list. I do my part to motivate and consult her. It is good be have such experience, this is importance as she can learn something through the process and knows that she has more to learn and grows.

Hopefully she got chance next year and does it better.

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