Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Father-In-law

My father-in-law told us that he will never retire even though he is already at the age of 55 now. He is healthy of course. We have no objection as long as he enjoys working. 

He takes good care of my two little princesses and me as well. Although we do not have much time to communicate, but he shows his cares and concerns to us by way of his actions. He will be the one always cook herbal soups for all of us. He will always cook Chinese herbs just for me because of my weak body. He will be the one always helps me to refill the water bottle for my two little princesses. From all those small actions, I really feel that he treat me like one of his family members. I appreciate his loves and cares to us. 

Every weekend, he will go out and enjoy his happy hours with his friends. There after, he will stay at home and enjoy his hobby. We got an outdoor water fountain and a tabletop water fountain in our living room. Both of the water features are takes care by my father-in-law. Besides gardening, he will be busy spend his time with the water fountains and the aquariums during his off day. 

His life is simple. All his contributions and efforts to the family is something that I feel warm and lovely.

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