Sunday, May 20, 2012

Member Cards

One more member card added in my wallet. I went to a pharmacy newly open nearby my house. Normally I will go to pharmacy in shopping mall. Since this new store can offer the price that I usually brought, and the membership is free to join, I just take it.

The purpose of the membership is to record down the products that each customer brought and for them to have easy references of what price did they sold to that particular customer. 

I find no objection with this as long as I can get things cheaper. I will only buy drags which are recommended by doctor. But I always like to learn more on different kind of drugs and supplement selling in pharmacy. Learn from where? Normally I will search online. 

Noticed a product called Hexaghen and found its related review at And learned that older men with lower testosterone levels who received testosterone supplementation increased lean body mass and decreased body fat. 

This is not going to add in future purchase list for sure. Let's see what new drugs or supplements I can learn when my next visit this store again. :P 

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