Friday, March 9, 2012


Yes! We win the photo contest.

Thank you very much for all the votes!

We should happy as the photo was place at the winner page. Too bad we did not taken the website screen shot yesterday.

This morning when I tried to back to the link/site, the link has GONE!

Wow! I do worry can we claim the prize.

Anywhere, it is just an online game. It is our luck to get all the votes and supports from all of you who voted. It is our luck also if can not claim the prize. LOL

We can see from the initial mail notification where our votes are far away from the top. Thought we have no chance to win no matter how good quality the photo that we submitted. Since the site never disclosed the vote counts, we believe it is the photo quality that won the judges attentions.

We are happy to be the winner! Thanks ya!

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