Thursday, March 29, 2012

No Confident to Cook

I have no confident to cook new dishes unless I had been guided by some one. To me, I can not learn cooking from books or magazine. The steps by steps written guides to me are totally no used at all. I prefer some one cook, I stand aside and learn from my eyes.

The steps from preparing ingredients till the cooking skill and time management is importance for me. I always forgot to jot down the details and this cause me the failure of cooking new dishes. Either too fresh or overcooked are my challenges.

What I learned some times can not apply when comes to measurement. I am headache I need to cook 5 servings but when the time I learn, it was 2 servings. My notes of cooking materials are for 2 servings how to turn it to 5? I know I do not need a analytical balances to weight but I always feel query when the amount or quantity is different from what I learned.

I think my afraid of cooking is come from the reason I cook only once in a blue moon. People always said practice makes perfect. I should spend time to improve my cooking skill.

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