Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Brother in law met an accident. He knocked to a motorcycle when the motorcyclist stopped suddenly. His leg was stuck at the motor and the condition goes worst when that motorcyclist continue moving. Then the motorcyclist ran away.

Luckily brother in law's motor still can move. He went to see doctor and get treatment on the kneecap wound alone.

The bad part is, when he asked the insurance agent about the claim of Personal accident and disability insurance, the agent told him he forgot to renew his policy. The policy was lapsed more than a year ago.

This is some thing I hardly accept. To me, as an insurance agent, it is his duty and responsibility to remind clients on the policies due date. If they ignore to pay or renew that will be fine. But if they wish to continue, then he has to assist on the renewal. If this is manage by the client itself, then why we need an agent? It is good enough to buy insurance directly from an insurance company rather than through an agent.

Of course, this is my brother in law mistake also for not paying attention to the renewal notice or not aware of the insurance policy due date. He is not sure whether he paid for the renewal or not at the first place. No one can blame....

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