Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dad's New Hobby

Previously dad never sings. After meet his new partner, he started to sing karaoke. Her voice is sweet. She sings very well and she likes to participant in singing competition. My dad is not very good in singing. It is not because he got no talent in singing but we think mainly is due to his hearing problem. We do believe it is because the hearing aids receiver is not as good as natural born receiver in our ear.

Dad has just brought two blue microphones. To my surprise even though we told him so many times his singing is no good at all but still he continue practice again and again. I really worry his neighbors will come and complaint of the sound pollutions at the beginning stage. :P

Of course, he improved so much now. Even though no good until can perform on stage but I like to see his action when he sings. He enjoys singing. I feel that he truly loves singing very much.

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