Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sport and Exercise

Elder princess continue her basketball training session with the new school semester started. Younger princess is having choices to choose on her weekend activities at school. Two yeas ago when her sister selecting, she told us she wishes to learn Chinese Kung-Fu, WuSu or Taekwondo. But when I asked her yesterday, she told us she wishes to join gymrama and violin class. I feel like gymrama is hard as this needs so many body strengthening so I agreed to let her joined violin class.

But yesterday night her grandpa encouraged her to join sport activities which is good for her health. I am totally agreed with him. Children have to be trained to love exercise. As long as they love exercise and sport, they always will. Not like me who always lazy to do exercise, having so much health problems.

Finally I decided to enroll her to gymrama class. Wish she can cope with all the strengthen difficulties.

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