Friday, January 6, 2012

Resize with Free of Charge

My ex-colleague is wearing his ring on his little finger. He told me that the ring was brought when he got his first pay. He likes to wear it occasionally. But I didn't saw him wearing his wedding ring. Asked then only knew that the ring is not fit to his ring finger anymore.

His wife did complain why his body keeps growing. It is not doubt that he is getting fatter. Wearing wedding ring at others finger looks not nice. So he just leaves it at home.

Just found that artcarved wedding bands are having life time re-size service for free. If for me, I will not interested to this terms as I never got chance to gain weight but this is something extra for him. Later will suggest him to go for re-size his wedding ring if he want to. It just that he has to pay and invest on the extra length.

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