Friday, December 16, 2011

Unable to Connect

My plan is to finish my assignments on time and this is why I have to blog at unusual online hour. Too bad I can't complete my tasks as I wish because I not manage to connect to the website. What happen?

This is the first ever and never has such incident happen for the past five years. Woo! I just check then only realize that I had joined them for five years plus. What an awesome blogging assignment journey!

Previously I did experience connection problem but all are due to local online service provider problem. I can confirm that this is their website problem as I can connect to all others website that I wish to go but only this one showing the signal of loading. It keeps loading at the login page but I had browsed for few others websites!

I know I am wrong for doing this at the very last minutes. Hopefully their technical team can solved the issue as soon. I might miss the chance and loss my expected income! :(

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