Thursday, October 13, 2011

Second Option

I am thinking whether I am too greedy. I already got a new job. To have a new start, I suppose to invest my efforts and contribute the best to the current company. I am wondering what is actually influenced me for go for second option.

Is it because I have no confident my company will renew me as permanent worker after my contact ended? Is it because the work here is too simple and easy? Is it because I wish to have much better pay? Is it because I cannot stay in a company which is too relaxed and no challenging? Or is it because I have no confident to being outperformance among the co-workers and no confident with the current company promotion and increment scheme?

There are currently 4 votes to support me go for second option interview and 2 votes encourage me to stay with my current company. Let’s see whether I can get pass the interview and get the offer then only think further….

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