Thursday, October 13, 2011

No More Late

I am started to get used with the new working hour at new company. Previously I can only reach office after working hour started when I am with my ex-company. I know this is a very bad habit but I already get used to that. Even though this does has bad impact to my performance due to the late attendances but I just don’t care.

But since I had changed new job, this bad habit cannot be continue anymore. To make sure that I can successful undergo the probation period and being a permanent staff in my current company. I have to do whatever which is necessary to the best of my appraisal rating. I can now reach office before office hour started and I feel happily I can make it. I know this good habit can be maintained if continue and consistently do it for more than 21 days (forgot already where I read the research).

Of course, I have to make sure I do not give any more excuses to myself back to the bad habit again. This is the most importance part! :p

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