Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lost Meaning

Here comes another birthday invitation. This is my younger princess's classmate. His mom planned for his birthday party, both I and my two little princesses are invited.

I don't like this actually. Kids nowadays are so realistic and they can have so many gifts on their birthday party but will they appreciate it? They don't.

To the kids, they are happy can have fun with their friends. Gifts and presents is good to have more but the happiest moment is the time they open it, check it out or play it for a while.

For many times my princesses beg me for organize birthday party for them for the reason of they can received many gifts on that day. I answer is always no.

The meaning of birthday celebration is lost.

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Actos Injury Lawyers said...

They are too small in order to realize the meaning of a birthday party. We know that the meaning is to gather our friends and celebrate another year of earning experience and surviving, but the are little and happy because the receive all those gifts.