Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cost on Tenant or Owner?

My friend is asking this question where we have no idea what is the best answer for him.

His new tenant who just moved in asked for two TV mounts and three curtain hangers. We are wondering the cost should be bear by the tenant or the house owner. The house had fixed with basic items like ceiling fans, lights, and kitchen cabinet. Others electrical items, furniture and fittings he thought will be purchase by the tenant as what they needed. These small fixtures he never thoughts the tenant will request for.

Concern about if the tenant paid for it, they will not take the items away when they moved out, my friend is willing to pay for the cost since TV mounts and curtain hangers are permanent items. But he is worrying will the tenant ask for more.

If ask for cost sharing, then when the tenant moved out, these items should belongs to which party?

Any one has good suggestion?

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