Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cleaning Responsibility

The new bedroom for our two little princesses is still in process. Hubby is busy every day and night and it seems like the move in date will be unknown. If not because of princesses keep nagging, I am sure he will totally forgot about it.

For the bedroom decoration, I wish to put on some photos on the wall. Since I am no good in art, I will just choose from the available design selling instead of design it myself. But when I check the collage picture frame assortment online, I can not make up my decision. There are so many beautiful frames that I love.

Well, if I really buy some of them, then I have to make sure my two little princesses can promise me not to lazy on cleaning job. Of course I will do the cleaning for them but those dusts are better to clean it frequently. Maybe I can train up their cleaning responsibility from here on.

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