Friday, July 1, 2011

Time to Rest

Fall sick for few days last week and I thought the symptom will go soon but it seems like getting worst. Spend my lunch time to see my doctor and taken some Chinese medicine. My horrible experience started!

After taken the Chinese medicine about two hours my eyes get redness and swell. I can sure that this is the effect of the medicine cause I remembered doctor did told me that the medicine will take effect about two hours.

With the worry and shock I quickly phoned her and she advised to see her again. She guessed it is because my body is too heat and I need stronger medicine to cure. I have no choice but to see second time in the same day. After checked she confirmed her thought and given me another bottle of medicine. She asked me to take rest.

I have recovered after rest and at home and finished the set of medicine. I never though to rest cause I find my self can attend to work but I am wrong. Work till forgot to rest. I must change my bad habit!

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