Saturday, July 23, 2011

Money Gone

I do feel not secure to top up mobile phone prepaid online. Every time when I top up, I will check twice my mobile phone number is correctly typed before I hit the buy button. Too bad today I made a mistake. By the time I reload online, my two princesses keep nagging me this morning asked me to keep away from my computer. I had wrongly press the number, top up online via my bank account for amount of RM60 but paid to other.

I can't blame my princesses as this is my fraud no to check carefully. I did a silly action on the spot when I released the mistake. I sent SMS request to pay me back the money to the mobile phone number that I wrongly pressed and wish that he or she will be so nice and transfer the money to my mobile phone number.

Will be there so honest and so nice person in this world? I have no news from the mobile phone number user until now. *sob*

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