Friday, July 1, 2011

Fairy Tales Storytelling Competition

Younger princess participated in the recent Fairy Tales Storytelling Competition and proudly to be the 1st runner up winner. Well done!

The competition was held by local authority. There were two contestants enrolled to the competition from her kindergarten. Both of them trained for about three weeks. According to the headmaster, this is the first English storytelling competition they participated on.

Not to forgot to congratulate my younger princess's friend as she is the 2nd runner up winner.

Two of them are happy to get the gift baskets which included stationery, story books, school bag, as well as the cheap brownie pops, sweets and snacks in it. I can see the teachers and the headmaster are so happy and feel so proud to them. The student's successes are their success. Although they are not rewarded any thing in physical. But the student's good performances and the achievement results are the good rewards to them.

I wish to thank you for the training and the efforts that the headmaster and all the teachers put on my younger princess. Thank you very much!

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