Saturday, July 23, 2011

Everday Coupon

4 hours singing nonstop today with 7 colleagues today. This is the recent happiness I enjoyed. I am happy to have a chance to relax my mind. Although I am not in good condition due to the sore throat, but I still sing few songs with them.

Guess how many I paid for this karaoke session? I seldom go for such entertainment but according to my colleagues, this is the cheapest in town. RM10 per person for 4 hours karaoke! This is very good deal; indeed, i am happy to spent less.

We got this special deal at Go and check it out the discounted deals available. Range from dining, entertainment, beauty, gadgets, travel, I am sure you can get one you like. I still have 2 everyday coupons on hand waiting for redemption. Just can't miss those great deals.

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