Sunday, July 24, 2011

Clean it After Use

If you ask me what the best undermount stainless steel sinks I will choose between single bowl, double bowl and triple bowl, I will choose for double bowl sink.

I am having double bowl sink at my kitchen which I think this is perfect for me to leave all the dirt cooking utensils, plates or others in one sink and wash it in the second sink. This is what I practice at home. Even single bowl is also no bad but when comes to lots of dirty stuffs to wash, it will be a bit messy and need to wash by batch.

But I don't like the way my friend who use one sink for washing and two sinks for keeping dirty utensils at her triple bowl sink. She will keeps until the sinks full at night and do the washing and cleaning in one off. Why not just wash and clean it after used? I believe the dirt becomes hardly to clean. It not only waste cleaner but it needs more water to clean. Some more those bacteria are not sure whether can be clean 100% or not after so many hours growing....

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