Saturday, July 23, 2011


Rain comes so sudden. It is sunny day and it not suppose to rain. I am worrying how quick my mother in law can take my princess's school shoes under the roof with the sudden rain. I hate this bad whether.

She loves to enjoy her time in her bedroom upstairs during the day. She will help me to take care of those clothes hanging under the sun every day when I am out of home. If sunlight turn weak and follow by rain, she suppose got sufficient time to take back those clothes to home. I feel anxiety especially when sudden rain comes. I can imaging she spend the shortest time to run from first floor, open the grill door and help me to take back those clothes.

I don't mind the school shoes and all the clothes get wet again. I do mind if she takes the wrong steps and some thing bad happened due to the hurry. That’s what I most worry of.

Anywhere, I very appreciate for her helping hands when I am out from home. I just wish that there will not be any bad happen.

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