Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stress become Lazy

I am lazy for more than two weeks but still wish to continue the relaxing life. I prefer sleep more and rest more rather than spend time to blog. :P

Shall I blame my busy working hours every day? This is the excuse why I being so lazy. Although I try to control my emotion and temper and restricted myself to do my assignments one by one but things just came so fast and spoil all my plans.

The questions that I always ask myself: Which one is importance? Which one is priority first? What to do next? How to complete it first? Who shall I ask help from? Where to get the best solution? When to start? When to stop?

When my previously jobs, I can access several assignments in once and challenge myself to meet all the schedules and completed before deadline. But now I dare not promise anymore. I not dare to even commit a simple task. *sigh*

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