Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Next week will celebrate my dad birthday. I purposely forget this is his how many years old birthday. After his 60th birthday, I already ask myself to not counting how old he is. I do hope he can be as young as he is in his 40th plus but this will be the wish that never come true...

How to celebrate? We all will have a birthday dinner with him. Not a special arrangement but all the family members should get together and enjoy the joy and warm re-union dinner.

I believe how good we are in our income and how great we are in our life achievement is not that importance to him. As long as we got time for him, talk with him, walk with him, gather with him is what he want. I should live healthy and happily, always have time for him. I can be a good daughter too.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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