Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sold But No Collection

I had sold my lucky draw prize - digital camera to one of my colleagues. To bad I have not received money from him.
We had mutually agreed the price. By the time I sent him the camera, he told me he didn't have enough money and I thought he will pay me on the next day. I didn't mention to pay me by installment but I just treat it as a joke.
After that he told me he will pay me after Chinese New Year. I didn't see him start work after Chinese New Year. So, I am a bit worrying now.
Perhaps he can pay me as per his promised. If he not managed to pay me as what he promised, I have no choice to accept by installment payment.
I don't like chase people for money. Moreover, I do hope he can pay me by willingness. Honestly, I don't like this kind of thing. I mean, I don't want because of money matter, our friendship affected.

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