Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am disappointed when I saw all the ang pows were opened and all the monies are gone. Those are last batch of ang pow I forgot to keep for my two little princesses. They shall pass to me as I already told them to keep the monies in bank accounts. I am not surprise when I saw those empty ang pow. I already suspected why my elder princess managed to brought some snacks from school. She is too good to lie. She told me those are given by her friend. She does have a friend who is pretty rich. But that was too much.

Younger princess’s ang pow are all there with good condition. I have asked my elder princess for few times but I can not get an honest answer. So, she gets punished.

Perhaps she really learned after the punishment.

I hate to punish her but I know will never change if I not do so…. *heart broken, sigh*

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