Friday, February 18, 2011

Lost Our Car on Valentine's Day 2011

Valentine's Day supposes to be a romantic day but things go not as what we wish. I am happy that day hubby sent me SMS for the Valentine's Day wishes as he never done that before. Normally he will keep silent. lol
I thought we can have a sweet celebration on that night but too bad the incident totally spoilt our mood. Hubby called me when I am on the way back to home. His car was been stolen. He not managed to find his car which parked at the Complex Sukan Bukit Jalil car parking bay. I went to fetch him and we went to police station together with the car registration card and insurance e-cover note.
Police who take our report told us that Sg. Besi Police Station Sergeant will contact us later for further investigation but we didn't hear from him after we made the report until today.
Are they doing their job? We have no idea. The importance is we got the police report and that is one of the documents needed when we submit claim to insurance company.
Bad Luck on Valentine's Day 2011. *sob* *sob*

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