Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weight Loss Worries

I go to check on my pleural condition again. I am so worry when every one are telling me I am skinny and skinny. I afraid that the TIBI virus is come back and attacking me again.

Doctor asked me what is the best diet supplements that I am taken when I saw him. I believe he can not recognize me at all because my last visit was more than nine months ago. He is such a busy doctor with so many patient but still he got time and in good mood to make joke of me.

X-ray was taken and luckily my pleural have nothing chances. Then I proceed to do the blood test on hyperthyroidism and advised to wait for the result at home. I will receive call if the result is positive.

Then I checked on the symptom of hyperthyroidism, I can match 8 out of 15! Is it means that I am in risk now? Worrying...

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Calotren said...

The hyperthyroidism match seems not to worried too much 8 out of 15 is not too risky condition you may cover up this by taking some good proteins and carbohydrate foods. In your food you can add irons as well and after all of this i may suggest you to go to a good doctor.