Friday, November 5, 2010

More Deadlines

I feel so bad when she passed me another two assignments on the same day. I have planned what to do this week. Too bad what I plan is not what she wants. I know how serious all the back log is. I just feel so helpless every time I need to rush for the different deadlines.

Eight hours a day in office seems like not enough for me now. My time now can be fully occupied to clear people's queries. Some times I will only manage to start my own work when the clock is 4pm. This is not the first day I discovered how bad the situation is. But I just do not know how to get all the things done so that the queries will be lesser or even zero then I can do my jobs as fast as possible without any interruption.

I always comfort myself don't be panic when things goes worst. But it's now seems like I even have no time to panic.....

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