Friday, November 26, 2010

Gold is Better

My colleague still called back to office concerning her job even though she is busying on her wedding preparation. It is no doubt that she is so responsibility but I think she is trying to ease her tension of her wedding preparation.

Guess what her wedding ring? I did saw she wearing a very nice platinum diamond ring when she taken wedding photos. But she claims that that is the engagement ring. Her wedding ring is in gold. I am curious to see what the design of the ring. Nowadays modern people will not buy gold wedding rings. She feels proud to told us that buy gold is worth in term of investment. I am totally agreed with her. How much you can get 10 years later if you sell your platinum ring? You might claim that you will never sell your wedding ring. But life is unexpected. If you need money one day, I am sure you can get a good price for your gold ring.

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