Saturday, October 23, 2010

When Money Needed

Accident is unpredictable. No one likes that to be happen. But life is full of surprise.

I feel so sad with the accident happened to Selina. Then I start to think deeper. She is lucky because she is rich enough to have whatever medication and she afford to pay all the costs incurred towards the burn recovery process. But how if this case happen to me?

I do believe that saving in long terms is a good preparation for our future needs. No matter how much stocks, unit trusts, gold coins or even properties we have in our investment savings. We must sell it when there are good in returns. Only profit in actual value is money gain. Then we can use those monies to earn more. If we only sell it when we need money maybe the value or the returns is not the expectation we want. Moreover, always keep some excess money for emergency. Accident is out of prediction...

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