Friday, October 1, 2010

Positive Thinking

I am rich. This is the word I motivate myself everyday.

I don't want to be poor. In fact, I am not poor. But when I saw my debts figure become higher and higher, I started worry. Anywhere, even though I am having sickness and I don't know how much I still need to spend on cost of chiropractic adjustment, luckily I still can continue work and earn. I still got income to survive. So, I motivate myself not to be negative thinking. Even though now I spend more than I earn, I know I can pay all the debts one day as long as I gain back my body health.

I don't have extra money to save now. All my savings are invested to my debts repayment. I have to stop my gold bullion investment dream. But I never give up. Who knows one day when I recovered from debts, I can start on silver bullion investment. Even though the silver returns not as high as gold. I believe silver investment can get good returns as well.

Continue to think positively!

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