Friday, October 29, 2010

Buy When I need It

My two princesses are 5 and 7 years old now. I still not let them to have their own handphone yet. Some parents allow their children carry cell phone to school but I can not agreed with that. I rather train my princess how to contact me via public phone. Besides, they can always ask help from their teachers if they really need to contact us.

Actually I am worry how it happen if my princesses mis-use the cell phone. This is more on safety and security issue which I believe every parent will concern on. Every parent wishes to protect their children from being cheated. Moreover, parents do worry what kind of friends their children have.

Then the sim card spy and cell phone recon come to my mind. I wish to know who are they communicating with. I wish to know what are they talking or discussing about. These tools for sure will make me feel more secure to understand my princesses and their friends. But honest speaking, I don't like this. How if some one check on my cell phone records? I think I will slap him or her. So, I decided not to let them have their own cell phone until the day they really need it. Then only I will consider whether to buy these stuffs. :P

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