Thursday, September 9, 2010


I keep asking myself am I right for continue being hardworking.

Because the company policy has no half day medical leave deduction, all the 14 days medical leave was deducted because I need to go for chiropractic adjustment in 2 working days in a week.

I suppose to rest at home since I got the medical cert from my chiropractor. In fact, I only need to take half day to finish my adjustment and I back to work at the afternoon session.

After the entitled medical leaves finish deducted, the half day off to chiropractic adjustment is fall under my annual leave deduction.

Am I stupid for working for the 14 half days medical leave? Why I need to be hardworking? I really feel suffer because of my tension workload. Why I need to be so responsible to my job but in fact I can choose to be relax at home to enjoy the medical leave deducted...

I just feel that I am killing myself because of my character of too responsible... *sigh*

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Recyclage said...

I sometimes feel that way. My company's mgmt. was so unfair to raise the salary of the newbie and not raising the rest. Though everytime I think that way I always arrive to the answer of YES I have to coz' its for a good cause.

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