Sunday, August 1, 2010

Not to Take Over

Grandma-in-law asked whether we are interested to take over her 32'TV. Her son brought her a bigger screen HDTV. She was planed to upgrade our current 24' TV.

We did consider at the beginning. But when we think deeper, we found that our TV stand can not fit in a bigger screen TV some more that was not the lcd type. If we want to accept it, that's mean we need to buy a new tv stand. Then we got two tv stands at home. This is the second issue to be considered actually. The main problem is, grandma-in-law's TV is having color problem which we need to send it for repair first. We are headache the arrangement and transportation cost to send the giant TV to repair shop and later send back to our home after repair.

To ease these silly problems, we decided to reject her offer. :P

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