Sunday, July 25, 2010


Data entering is what I doing every day. All the transactions need to print out and get approval by boss. Not only the entry it self, we need to attach the relevant documents to support the particular entry. I suppose to file all the documents in files respectively after the transactions had been approved by boss. This is the routine work. Unfortunately I fail to do so since a month ago.

Don't get me wrong. I love to do filing actually. Entering transactions and problems solving need my brain to work and think. Sometimes make me feel headaches some more. But filing time is the relaxing period. Classified, arranged in sequence, punch hole and put in the respective files. It's just a piece of cake!

After the left of my superior, I have no chance to enjoy the relaxing filing time during office hours anymore because I have to take over some of his jobs. I am really busy now and even my boss also agreed that the simple filing works can be done by others.

I am sure no one like this especially they are executive level. Some more they got their own works so I am trying not to disturb them because this will be another burden added. But the one and only accounts assistance in our department is overloaded. Her documents waiting to file is more than mine! I have no choice but to put aside all those documents waiting to file.

If you are working in accounts and finance or credit control department, I am sure you can understand my situation now. I am wondering shall I go back to office on weekend just to do filing.

My works very depends on computer. Even if we are facing hardware or software problems, we can ask help from 24/7 Tech Support Services. Problems can get immediately solved or I can continue work using a standby pc. So, I created more and more transactions, documents waiting to file are more and more on my table.

The only time I can do filing during office hours will be when the time power failure. LOL

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